UPDATE 23.11.: Friends and Family, we are afraid to say that the APERO Kultur Dinner Party is canceled. We will announce the next date soon.


We extend a second warm welcome to after-workers, friends, and family alike. Together, we celebrate the rich heritage of gastronomic living with a touch of salt. Shared plates and tempting side dishes will guide you through the night, perfectly complemented by seductive wines and topped off with bold cocktails.

In our well kwon Kaminzimmer, DJs will envelop your senses with captivating sounds.

Let the leisurely hours bring together the scene, allowing euphoria to dictate when twilight should embrace us.

Just one principle: only in the here and now!

About the establishment: The SAGE Restaurant is reclaiming its reputation for hosting enduring nights.



27.10.23 17h free entry
SAGE Restaurant

Köpenicker Straße 18-20, 10997 Berlin